Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A busy week in Pictures

HI hope all is good with you.

Well it's the start of a new week and thank god is all about prep this week as last week was crazy!!!
I was shooting, editing, retouching, and sending images all over the place. phew!!

Ok last week i had the second part of a behind the scenes shoot with Pixie Lott for Lipsy.
Once again this was a great day :)
I really love this type of work as there is no real pressure of direction, lighting, etc so you can shoot away at your own pace capturing the day as it passes you by.
But you end up with a million images which you have to look through the next day edit and send!! So for all you Pixie fans it's not all glamour. Anyway Pixie is always great to work with and with so many interesting things going on the day of the shoot it way makes up for it.

My second shoot last week was a Club shoot for Lipsy at Movida and just to stop for a minute Star boy Nathan was performing on the evening whom i had been working with the week before. Small world hey  "WOW thats amazing Cary you sap ha!!"

OK the shoot involved shooting 14 young ladies { Well someones gotta do it :) But i was old enough to be their dad :( Anyway shoot time was 10pm till around 2 in the morning and it was hard work lugging around my batteries and ring flash and as soon as i shot one i had another lined up :)  However  I marched on and I got some great shots thanks to ring flash and a few camera adjustments.

The evening's idea was candid and off the wall and we got it so I thank all involved especially the Lipsy girls who were great. I'll upload some shots soon.

Ok well this week is all about up and coming shoots and story boarding and prep so as soon i have something more to blog about will let you all know.

Have a great week.

P.s Check out the behind the Scenes Clip Below " Star boy Nathan" you may see me ha!

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