Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Book Finally Printed

It's been over a month since my last blog and I have been busy building my new book in a sense my portfolio of work. Anyway it is finished after months of moving images a fraction here and a fraction there to the left to the right and so on and so on :( But after all that I have received my copy and uploaded a preview to my web site for all and for free :)
Next time I hope to pay a designer do it while I watch TV ha!!

Below is a little about it. 

My book showcases my work so far as a London based music, celebrity and fashion photographer. 

It is a simple book. Just images, which take you from the present day back through to my earlier work shooting live gigs. The book is a combination of backstage, studio based and location shoots.
So far I have shot in storage cupboards, on rooftops, in hotel rooms, bathrooms, clubs, studios and locations around London and Europe. Sometimes with a budget but usually with very little; just a flash mounted on top of the camera,  a couple of pounds in my pocket and a few minutes with the artist. 
So the book is not just about the images, it also tells a story of the places my work has taken me to and the situations I've been faced with in order to get the right shot. In a sense it's a journal; a journey I've taken, from one of my very first shoots with Black Eyed Peas, to becoming Girls Aloud's official video stills photographer and ultimately working with Cheryl Cole on her first three video shoots as a solo artist. I've been creating a career in which I have taught myself along the way; not just technically but creatively too in a difficult field of photography. Difficult in regards to access to major artists and celebrities, difficult to make a living but despite all this, I have been determined to be a success in this field. And it's been fun!  I still have a lot to learn though and many many more artists to shoot. 

The book is also a reflection of my personality; bright, colourful, happy pictures. I always have fun with the artists, showing them a little less staged giving the artist the freedom to pose, so the pictures are what they are: no hidden meanings, just a reflection of the situation and the moment.

The images are a collection of my favourite work over the past six years. Choosing the images to include was tricky; I have so many great shots of each of the artists. My forthcoming exhibition will 
be an opportunity for me to share much more of my work. See you there!

Cary Hammond

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